Not just "de-escalation" training, this is an in-depth approach to impacting others and winning...

People get emotional, even disruptive, and your response impacts safety, customer and employee experience, reputations, and profit. But people have always "acted out", so what can you can do about it?

First, get to know the challenge you’re facing by learning where disruptive behaviors come from, why it matters, and strategies available to address them. Then, explore what you can do and say to make a difference: using “anti-escalation” to avoid disruptive behaviors, “non-escalation” to work from a position of strength, and “de-escalation” to respond with an impact.

As professionals, we are committed to safety—the safety of our fellow associates and the safety of our customers. As part of that commitment, the Loss Prevention Foundation has partnered with Strongside Principles, leaders in developing professionals and teaching techniques for addressing disruptive behaviors, to help you learn how to identify and respond to disruptive behaviors, and hopefully avoid them altogether.

This course delivers the essentials, featuring four modules of industry-best practices, providing an in-depth perspective on addressing disruptive behaviors and discovering our unique position of influence - how we can impact someone's behavior, de-escalate the situation and bring these situations to a positive and productive conclusion.

Successfully passing a comprehensive exam is a requisite to receiving the course certificate.

Course Time:  approximately 1.5 hours

Corporate Licensing:   The corporate version of this course is available now for corporate licensing and customization. CONTACT US for information regarding corporate licensing.


The Addressing Disruptive Behaviors - Essentials for Retail Course is an
LPF-CERTIFIED certificate course created with, and endorsed by,
The Loss Prevention Foundation and Strongside Principles.

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